Premium WordPress plugins – are they worth paying for?

If you have been working with WordPress for long enough, you must have seen 3 different types of plugins available in the WordPress store – Free, Premium, and Freemium versions. Mostly people tend to use the freemium plugins.

Is it worth paying for the plugins?
Well, premium plugins or premium versions of the plugins usually have advanced features that offer you more flexibility and utility. But as you can understand, you have to pay to gain access to these features. This is exactly why you need to consider about certain things before you go for a premium plugin:

First thing will be to know how much you need to pay for the premium version. If you have a tight budget for your project, you might not want to spend some more on your plugins rather you need to make do with the free version.

Niche specific features
Do you need niche specific features? It might so happen that you are unable to find a suitable free plugin for your niche. In this kind of situation, you might have go for the pro version of a plugin.

Not enough functionality
Although free versions of most plugins offer a lot of features but since they are tend to be basic, it might be good to buy premium version of the plugin. In case the premium version does not offer the kind of functionality that you need, you might want to stick to the free version of the plugin.

Quality support
You have to estimate whether you will need a 24 X 7 premium support from the developers or not. In case you think support is not really what you need, you can opt for the free version only

So the basic thing is, whether you need to use a free version or a premium version plugin, it all depends on your requirement. You have to decide on the plugin version that you need and proceed likewise.

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